A new book where for the first time relativity is integrated into the core of quantum mechanics:

The Principles of Matter

Amending Quantum Mechanics

A home study course in physics

by John P. and Michael J. Wallace

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A major new concept for integrating relativity directly into the foundation of quantum mechanics is introduced and that is the particle and field self-reference frame. In this frame particle and field properties are generated for the laboratory frame, such as charge and field quantization. The weak charge and the parity problems associated with the weak charge are a natural consequence of their self-reference frame description. Insights into the geometrical basis of gravity are also developed. Introducing the self-reference frame produces a common basis for electrodynamics, weak, and the gravitation force. Einstein's idea of unified description of the forces appears to be based in this new description.

Quantum mechanics is just not the mechanics of the small. That assumption was a mistake made early in the 20th century and was never corrected. There were a few other mistakes made along with poor assumptions that reduced the utility of quantum mechanics. Correcting those errors and integrating relativity directly into the subject clears away much of the confusion that permeates the field.

Because of the vacuum caused by these errors, physics as practiced in our major universities has become more esoteric bordering on fantasy. Misgivings about the subject were strongly expressed by Einstein, Ehrenfest, Dirac and Feynman. They basically identified relativity as being a missing element from the subject. The solution to this old problem is worked out in "The Principles of Matter amending quantum mechanics", which connects the microscopic definition of matter to the large scale.

hardback with a sewn binding 288 pages 6" x 9" 59 Figures which includes a self-study guide and background reading.

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