Unexplained experimental results led to a look at the foundation of quantum mechanics and found that relativity was poorly applied to quantum mechanics.

The Principles of Matter amending quantum mechanics

By properly handling relativity the fermion and boson are immediately defined in their own frames of reference. This structural basis explains EM and Weak charge along with mass and the quantization of the stable fields.

by John P. and Michael J. Wallace

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This book begins the process of unifying the forces providing a basis for Einstein's conjecture. The work is completed in "yes Virginia, quantum mechanics can be understood" by looking in greater detail at mass and the structure of the composite nucleons.

The Chapters

Chapter 1 to 3 A history with a simple model introducing a structural approach to isolate inertial mass.

Chapter 4 Correcting the Klein-Gordon equation yields a relativistic description of particles that functions in the laboratory frame.

Chapter 5 By introducing the particle and field self-reference frame automatically integrates relativity into the foundation of quantum mechanics.

Chapter 6 and 7 The origin of charge is derived for both the electromagnetic and the weak charge from the structural particle descriptions in the self-reference frame.

Chapter 8 The origin of gravitational mass is also found in the structural forms of the self-reference frame.

Chapter 9 The quantization of the photon is derived from the field properties of the self-reference frame and the structural field form of the quantized neutrino is also derived. This supports the early conjectures of Planck and Einstein with an explicit derivation on the character of the photon.

Chapter 10 through 16 covers applications of the new results to nuclear, solid state, econometrics, and geophysical problems.

288 pages 60 illustrations

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Applying the self-reference frame in 2014 Youtube video 24 min.

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